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What is Go-do.it? Well, we wanted to do more, live bigger and let the good times roll. Don’t you? Our awesomely easy tool lets you search for stuff to fill your free time. Whether you want to pick up a paintbrush, shake your ass in Zumba or take a course in circus skills. We’ve curated ALL the best listings in your area to give you a foolproof resource to make sure you are doing more great stuff, more of the time. One directory, one booking system. All you have to do is GO DO IT.
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How it works


Go-Do.It is a national directory of free-time fillers for the movers, the shakers, and the sit-still crew too. Whether you fancy throwing a pot or a punch (we mean - learn to box), or just have an unexpected hour to fill next Tuesday - start by searching using your location to drill down to what’s happening in your ‘hood.


Once you’ve got the listings lowdown on your area you can use our epically simple dropdown menus to choose the category that gets your motor running - we’ve included Arts & Crafts, Fitness, Outdoors, and Performance. Within each of these, there are more detailed options for you to choose from, so you’re just looking at the stuff you like. Three clicks and you’re there.


Boom! You’ve found the class, course or event you want to check out. Instead of clicking through to a new website and starting over, you can just register your details on our secure system and get your ticket or pass right away, from us. From now on, you’ll be able to see ALL your tickets and passes right here in your Go-Do.It account. High five!

Run a business?

If you run a business that offers classes, courses or events, then you need to be on our list and start benefitting from our all-killer-no-filler listings software. Go-Do.It is built to simplify your business – empowering you to manage your empire (big or small) while we take care of the tech and deliver you the detail you need with our ultimate digital package. Talk to us today to find out how we can streamline your booking system, membership data, payment tools and marketing/social integrations into one great value, inclusive platform, giving you time back to grow your business and build an epic customer base.

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