Soul Circus

a journey into wellness


I’ve been to many festivals over the years and know the drill, 3 days of music cider and a very sore head at the end of it all. Mud, music, and madness. But Soul Circus isn’t your normal type of festival. It’s one of a small crop of wellbeing festivals that have sprung up over the last few years.

Based in rolling hills of the Gloucestershire countryside it boasts an impressive line up of Yogis, sound healers, and performers from all walks of life. There’s even music every night from an impressive range of artists including Goldie.  The amount of things to do is truly mind-boggling all weekend there are workshops, classes, and talks happening constantly.

you may find your self rushing to leave one class to make it to the next

Trying to get to everything you want to attend is a major effort. Not that that’s a bad thing there is just such a range of high-quality activities that you may find your self rushing to leave one class to make it to the next. The number of classes and talks happening means theres always something good to sit and watch even if you’re just wandering around eating your vegan tacos.

All this is tied in with onsite luxuries like hot tubs, a sauna, and great food trucks. The food is really something special no cheap burgers served from a greasy van here. Only the best vegetarian and vegan fair from homemade curries to the most amazing breakfasts. One of my personal favourites was the vegan ice cream from Dáppa. If I hadn’t been told their rich creamy ice cream was vegan I never would have guessed.

Over the weekend amongst the many things on offer, some of our highlights were…

We attended a yoga class from STEWART GILCHRIST. Which might have been one of the hardest but most rewarding classes I’ve ever taken. I was lucky enough to chat with him afterward. He had obviously spotted me working hard to keep up… We spoke about injury recovery and how you start again after having long term a long term injury. Stewart is a truly talented and inspiring teacher and if you ever get the chance to be taught by him I would highly recommend it. He believes that classes should be taught to the best people in the room, not the weakest meaning that every class is a challenge.

I also managed to go to a breath workshop from Breathpod. These guys are based in London and teach transformational breathwork. If you’ve never heard of this don’t worry neither had I!  Their website tells us “We breathe on average 20,000 times a day yet most of us are unaware of its incredible ability to transform the way we feel.” It was a fascinating workshop and great to learn new techniques in something as simple as breathing. It’s something that we all do every single second of every single day but it’s not the sort of thing that we pay enough attention to. After the workshop, I felt a real change in my approach to something as simple as breath.

We breathe on average 20,000 times a day yet most of us are unaware of its incredible ability to transform the way we feel

Finally, the music Goldie played the first night and was amazing. I never knew this but it turns out Goldie is super into yoga. He’s quoted as saying “Yoga brings so much clarity. I now get so much work done because of it and I never thought I’d say it, but it really has rewired me.” If that isn’t a recommendation to give Yoga a go I don’t know what is. It was amazing seeing such a world-class DJ in what was really quite an intimate setting. The second night Norman Jay played and played an absolute banger of a set. With a mixture of 80’s classics and club tunes he smashed it out of the park. While all this was going on there was a fire circus skills display and lots of things dotted about.

Yoga brings so much clarity

Even though I went not really knowing what to expect from a wellness festival I ended up having the most amazing time. Their were points where I was definitely out of my comfort zone but that only added to the experience. Soul Circus tickets are already on sale for next year. So if you wanting to try something truly outside the box I would highly recommend a weekend at this unique festival.

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