Silence & Noise

streaming update


Silence and noise have been a part of the network since day one. They have used our powerful suite of tools to help them run events, find new customers and manage their email lists. Since the Covid-19 crisis they have no longer been able to host events and retreats. But, with the new streaming and shop functionality they have found new ways to interact with their community and find revenue online. What follows is a testimonial from their first two weeks and how it has helped them run their business during this difficult time.

Having my Go-Do.It website has been the most unbelievable asset over the last month, as I’ve had to transition my usually totally face-to-face business online in response to the pandemic. Initially I thought I would simply have to close down totally during this period, but a few quick technical tweaks by the Go-Do.It team have meant that not only can I continue to trade, but business is flourishing and reaching more new customers than ever before, whilst managing to convert existing customers online and keep them ALL engaged. In fact, over the last two weeks my total website traffic is up by 137% with page views up 121%, and a massive 50% of my audience is new

"Between continuing to nurse and home schooling, your sessions are keeping me sane right now!" - Bonnie

The new webinar system means I have managed to quickly and easily set up multiple live streamed events so that I can continue to connect to my customers and offer my services – not only does this mean I’ve managed to continue my events uninterrupted, but I’ve actually been able to increase attendance way beyond the numbers of physical attendees that normally fit into my sessions! I’m also seeing new customers coming in from all over the country and the rest of the world – so my reach is expanding super quickly as well, with hits from target countries such as France and Sweden that are new acquisitions for me.

My customers really appreciate being able to access the sessions on a professional, customised platform rather than through Zoom or something requiring downloads, and the interface is really easy for them to understand – which is important as my customer base ranges from teens to 70+, and not all have the digital native skills to cope with live streaming and playing with settings easily. With my platform they just open the page and the magic happens! Meanwhile my subscription numbers have flown up due to the ability to data capture guests through WebinarPress, and I’m really happy that I can keep my people within my own brand universe and avoid having to stream through third party sites that I can’t control visually so well, so the Go-Do.It setup has stepped up another level in securing the brand story too.

"The vibrations more than came across - the soundscape was full and stereo!! Which was an extra treat, you could feel it swirling around" - Bryony

My mailing list has increased by 25% in the last month, most of which was derived from the embedded signup process for webinar events. The team have gone above and beyond to troubleshoot a speedy setup with me, and have helped me get an online shop organised too, so now I’m ready to start selling live streams as well and have the option to look at diversifying my offer whilst the lockdown goes on.