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Start selling today

As many businesses cease normal operations and are searching for new ways to let their customers attend their classes and buy their products, we have a solution. As well as an online class-streaming tool, our online shop feature means that your customers can sign up and pay for classes, just as they would normally. The only difference is that it will be streamed direct to their homes. The added advantage of this is that you can sell an unlimited amount of spaces in your classes. This means that your customers don’t miss out on classes and you don’t miss out on sales. The shop also gives customers access to all of the classes that you have put online so that they can download classes for another time and catch up on anything that they have missed. Simple as that.
Our online shop opens up new ways to bring revenue into your business. Speaking of new revenue streams, why don’t you try selling products on the shop as well as classes? We want to give you the tools to enable your community to support you in as many ways as possible. For example, by buying products from your brand; whether it be clothes, books or online tutorials. There are a whole heap of possibilities for you to tap into.The shop tool, alongside online streaming is something that we are offering for FREE in order to get you back up and running while your doors remain closed. Let’s get you up and running on the platform so that you can start selling classes and products to your customers.

Shop securely and safely

Sell, sell, sell.

Your business doesn’t need to grind to a halt while the country stays safe at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. There are a whole host of opportunities to be tapped into, including getting your classes online and selling products to your audience, from the safety of their homes. It’s a hugely challenging time but we hope that by functioning in new ways, businesses can stay afloat and flourish by doing things a little differently. Whether that means you create new content to sell directly to your customer base or even just presell classes to keep you afloat we provide you with the tools you need.

Payments sorted

We provide the tools you need straight out of the box whether you want to use PayPal or Stripe your customers know they can pay safely and securely. A free SSL is included with every site providing the correct levels of security so that all your payments are protected. We never add on or take any percentage of what you make. Once you’ve paid the fees to your provider the rest is all yours. When using our shops your customers are always safe and secure.

Events reimagined

Last week’s yoga class available for streaming - awesome! Make sure your clients never miss out again. As a class provider, the shop allows your customers to purchase all of your previous classes and sign-up for future ones as well as buying your products (whatever they may be!). You can choose to give them one time access or links so they can download and keep them. As a customer, you can head in, browse all of your favourite classes and stream whatever takes your fancy. It’s a win-win situation.

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