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What is adventure? These days if you’re not jumping out of an aeroplane, frolicking along a far‐flung beach or mountain biking down near‐vertical slopes, it’s easy to feel like your life is a little bit ordinary. We’ve all been there, idly scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat and thinking “Gosh, Laura’s life is soooo amazing” or “Doesn’t Ben EVER go to work?”

I think we all crave a little more adventure in our lives, but often we’re just not sure how to find it. A search online will undoubtedly lead to various chirpy, tanned people who will tell you it’s easy, you just need to “discover your passion” and “quit the 9‐5 grind”. But to be honest, that seems like a lot of work, and I don’t really want to quit my job and live out of a backpack for the next six years.

And so we stay stuck. The gap between our reality and theirs seems so vast, that we simply decide we’re not that sort of person and carry on with business as usual.


A different approach to adventure

We need to stop thinking the only way to have an adventure is to leave the country or jump out of a plane. There are plenty of adventures to be had right on your doorstep. And sometimes you only need an hour or two, not weeks or months, so you can easily go on an adventure in amongst all the hundreds of other things you have to do.

Breaking free from the status quo doesn’t have to involve dramatic unrealistic changes. You can bring more adventure into your life in small ways.

And the funny thing is, when you start going on these mini adventures, without even really realising it’s happening, your life begins to transform. Something magical starts to happen. Your confidence grows and new doors begin to open.

A practical guide to starting your mini adventure

Do something new

You don’t need to commit to becoming a master and practising every day straight away. Even a single taster session can be enough to get you motivated. This small first commitment also means you can judge whether you actually enjoy it without having to sign up for a year‐long course.

Plus, learning a new skill isn’t just good because you learn the new skill, it also improves the speed and strength of your brain processes. Cool huh!


Do something different

How about doing something you already do, just a little bit differently? That way you don’t even need to find time to fit it in, you just need to change it up!

Already going to the gym, why not try wild fitness?

Swap your mindfulness colouring book for an art class?

Learn to cook your favourite dishes instead of watching Masterchef or Bake Off and wondering why your dinner doesn’t look as exciting!


Do something exciting

Anything that gets your heart rate going a little is a great way to shake things up. And there are plenty of ways to squeeze in some excitement in short, sharp bursts.

How about renting a mountain bike for the afternoon or taking a skateboarding or parkour lesson.

Zip‐lining can be even speedier taking about half an hour from start to finish (and is a lot cheaper and less scary than a bungee jump or skydive!).

You could get tickets to see an up‐and‐coming band, go to a life drawing class or rent a classic car and drive down some narrow country lanes with the wind in your hair.

The great thing is, you get to choose what exciting is!

Sometimes, those first steps to break out of your comfort zone can be the most difficult. But fear not, intrepid Doer, adventure awaits around every corner, and we’re here to help you find it. Search for your next amazing experience now.