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At Primal we are passionate about the great outdoors and would love to share our knowledge of bushcraft and survival skills with you. Whether it's learning a new skill, experiencing something new for the first time or stepping out of your comfort zone for an unforgettable experience! The team at Primal are passionate about helping you learn fundamental life skills in a safe and fun environment. At Primal we believe it’s best to have a few survival skills in your back pocket so you don’t get caught out when you need them most. Like our Primal ancestors of old, living off the land and utilising skills to live in harmony with our surroundings was a natural way of life. In today’s fast paced environment we are dependent on technology more and more and have lost touch with our Primal Instinct’s and Hunter Gatherer skills. So let’s get outdoors, as there’s no better way to learn than the application of practical survival skills.