In light of Covid 19 pandemic

By now we are all well aware of the impact that Covid-19 is having around the world and in recent weeks, the effects have started to be felt much closer to home. Thousands of flights have been cancelled, jobs have been cut, panic-buying has swept the nation and people are falling ill. However, through stoic murmurs of ‘keep safe and carry on’, it is often the small, local businesses that are quietly taking the biggest hits: The coffee shop at the end of your street, the local dance studio, your neighbours’ dog walker and your local gym. Following government advice means that many customer-facing businesses have been forced to cut services and risk losing their livelihoods. In this time of uncertainty, we are focusing on the positive change that can be actioned. 

As cases of Coronavirus exceed 245,000 globally, admittedly there is a lot to feel concerned about. If we listen to the messages from our neighbours in Italy and China who are further down the line from us, there is plenty to be learnt from the mistakes and innovations that have already been made. There is a real, clear opportunity to create a meaningful positive shift and ultimately we know what we need to do – the advice is clear. There is an urgent need to start thinking about those most at risk, shifting public mentality and pulling together as a community to action some damage control. Now is a time of adaptation, listening, learning and sharing. Things that, historically, the British public have excelled at. We’re experts at pulling together in times of crisis.


At, we’ve put our heads together to formulate a short-term solution for all, small class and activity-based businesses within our community. We have put a plan into place for businesses to be able to engage with their customers, and be supported wherever possible. Perhaps you haven’t been able to get to your Monday evening yoga class or your weekly pottery lesson? Or perhaps you have had to close the door to your customers over the past two weeks? Let’s change that. Here is our offering of support:

The platform is ready to help. Businesses can post videos of their classes to their audiences online. Your customers can book onto your online classes and see what is available in the local area. You will also be able to sell products through the platform to enable your community to support you in different ways. We are offering this for FREE for 3 months, to all those class and activity-based businesses who have been affected. We can work together to help support businesses during this challenging and uncertain time.

If you want anymore information please fill in the form below and one of our team will be in contact!

We are offering this for FREE for 3 months, to all those class and activity-based businesses who have been affected.

So although not all of us are able to ‘keep safe and carry on’ as normal, we can shout about new opportunities and solutions, rally together the local community and support the local economy. If we are able to keep a few more local businesses afloat over the course of the coming weeks and months, then our mission is accomplished. Let’s make something to be proud of and spread a message of hope and positivity. We can ‘carry on’, in new ways.


If your business has been effected please use the form below and one of our team will be in contact in the next few days


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