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We started with one simple mission - to help people get out of their comfort zone and do more stuff.
We knew there were heaps of amazing things out there for people to do, but that finding quality businesses to help you do them can be tricky. And we all know that what you see on the internet doesn’t always translate into exactly what you’ll get in real life!

So we wanted to create a platform where people could find extraordinary businesses; companies who love what they do and are dedicated to helping their customers have amazing experiences. That might be anything from skydiving, horse riding or snowboarding, to something with a more relaxed pace like learning a new language or how to knit, and everything in between.

Running, and growing, an extraordinary business is hard work. If your ‘spare’ time is taken up with catching up on emails and bookings, doing marketing and connecting on social media, then become one of our Pro Providers and let us help you find more customers in less time.

Be more visible online

Elevate your profile with a whole host of extra features, all designed to help you better showcase the amazing experience you can offer Doers. Heres some of our fantastic features

Social Que manage your social media

Social media has become a important part of any business. But managing is a time consuming job espcially when trying to grow a great business. With that in mind we created Social Que. You can create, edit and manage your social media posts setting times and dates for them to post. That way you can set up a weeks tweets or facebook posts in one easy to use interface and just leave it to promote your business while you work.

Create Events and sell tickets

Everyone of our doers thats part of our growing community are looking for new things to do, new challenges to start and new goals to achieve. Part of their journey is contacting great businesses like yours to complete their goal to make this process easier you can sell your tickets and manage your events within your dashboard. All transaction fees are paid by the user and theres no cost on selling tickets through our site. This means that you get 100% of the cost of the ticket.

Create goals specific to your business

Stay front and centre in Doers’ minds by creating your own goals. Doers can add your experiences directly to their lists and you’ll be the natural choice when they come to make their plans and actually do it! The more goals you have, the more visible you’ll be across the platform and the more frequently your business will appear when Doers search. You can also set your own challenges, specific to what you do and easily create longer term engagement and repeat customers. Plus you’ll be mobilising an entire group to achieve something amazing.

Find your ideal customers, right in your dashboard

Potential customers who match what you do (based on goals in their lists) will automatically appear in your dashboard. The more information you give us, the more powerful this function becomes.

Quickly spread the word

Share goals, challenges and blog posts on Facebook and Twitter directly from your dashboard. Scheduling is simple so you can continue to connect with your community even when you're busy with your business.

Join a thriving community and help change people’s lives

Creating and growing connections is at the core of Our community of Doers is growing day by day, but the magic comes from having the best providers on here to help our doers achieve their goals. Become a Pro Provider today and start making a difference to even more people, without spending countless more hours at your computer.

Our limited offer 100 for 100

We are offering a limited amount of accounts for a very special price. To help us start building our community of businesses looking to find new customers we are offering 100 accounts for the lifetime price of £100. This is a one time fee and you will never have to pay again. Any new features , developments or promotions you will get. As soon as we have sold 100 we will be moving to a monthly subscription so this is your chance to get on board at a price that will never be repeated. You will also be one of our founder providers and will have a say in how we grow the platform and develop new features. We are looking forward helping you grow your business and make some new connections.

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