4 tips for twitter

Make the most out of your social media

Twitter has been around since 2006 and since its inception its had its fair share of controversies. The Wikipedia page for Twitter controversies has 26 pages! From Covfefe to injunction controversies Twitter can seem a little bit frightening to the uninitiated. But, if you look past the noise there are great communities, interesting people and lots of opportunities just a tweet away!

Getting a message across in 280 characters can seem like a challenge but twitter is a great tool for engaging with and growing your audience. Twitter is slightly different from any other social network; it’s more like a 24 hour rolling news feed. Everything is public all the time which can lead to new opportunities, new ideas and even a bit of gossip. But, everything is public so always think before you tweet and make sure you have a brand voice that people can recognise.

145 million active daily users

Twitter has a massive audience that you can market to there’s over 145 million active daily users and 330 million monthly users. This is only growing slower than other networks but still significantly.  There’s a wide age range of people with 63% being between 35 and 65 so it does tend to be an older audience with a mean age of 40. This means that the average user has more disposable income and will be more likely to purchase your products. 

But it can be quite hard knowing how to get the most out of your twitter account.

Here’s 4 tips to help improve your rankings

Make sure you brand pops!

Customise as much of your profile as possible. Spend time on your bio as this is normally the first place of contact someone has after seeing your tweets. The bio length is only 160 characters so you need to condense down what you do to its most simple but impactful terms. If they like what your tweeting they will go to your profile to find out more so it needs to be in tip top condition. Select avatar and header images that show what you do and make sure that all your content is up to date!

Create a whole new way for your audience to interact with your brand

Create lists!

This is a over looked bit of functionality in twitter. Creating a list of great people can help validate your profile and show you truly know what you’re talking about. They can create a whole new way for your audience to interact with your brand and show that you are connecting with the right people.

Use Moments!

These are great to create focussed content. Things about your brand you really want to shine. Blog posts, product releases and much more can be included. They are basically Twitter stories but they can be seen whenever someone views your profile! You can create as many of these as you need to. Maybe share your personal story on what lead you to creating your business or highlight important information that your audience need to know about.

The best time to Tweet in the UK is between 12pm and 1pm

Pick your times carefully!

Twitter is a rolling news source and it’s being added to continuously so if you want your content to have an impact you’re going to have to time it carefully. Maybe schedule tweets to go out at specific times to see when you get the most impact. The best time to Tweet in the UK is during the lunch hour. So between 12pm and 1pm or 4pm to 6pm to catch that rush hour home. This is going to be different for each community so experiment and see what works for you!


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