4 tips for selling video content

Find new ways to generate profit

Live streaming is HARD. There’s no denying it. From technical confusion to an errant user not switching off their mic it feels like a bit of a minefield. But have you ever thought of pre recording your classes and then selling the video as exclusive content? No more scrambling at the beginning of class because Micheal has the wrong link or running tech support on the fly while under pressure to deliver a great class.

Pre-recorded video is a great way to maximise your businesses profits Once you’ve created your video class all you have to do is sit back and let people purchase and stream it whenever they want to. This enables you to provide the highest quality format for your brand. You could even deliver entire courses or use our new subscription service to set up pre sold branded videos each month. This enables you to get a better hold on your finances and know you have money coming in each month!

Deliver entire courses

At Go-do.it we have a number of ways you can sell your content to your community including a free package especially built for all kinds of platforms from Wistea to Vimeo. Enabling you to provide the highest quality content you know your customers deserve. Upload your video to the service of your choice you can then sell that content on your site. Your customers will never have to leave your site and provide them with a secure branded process from browsing to purchasing to streaming your content. You can even let them download the video to keep or have it so they can only stream the content from your site. Bringing your customers back time and time again to hopefully purchase your next great piece of content.

Here’s some tips to get your content really working for you.



1) Quality!

Edit your videos to have an intro and outro. Add music and graphics to increase the feeling of quality and make sure that your content is properly branded. Maybe even add a logo into the corner of your videos. This means that your brand is always at the front of any of your content. You can easily do this with free software like iMovie or from windows you can edit directly in the photo app


Focus on different aspects of what you do.

2) Pick your niche!

Finding your niche is a great way to increase your sales. For each video maybe focus on a different aspect of what you do. Make sure that each video you produce is unique and has a clearly defined use. Talking to your community about your specialist interests, whatever they may be, gives you a sense of authority and proves that you have a real in depth knowledge about what you’re talking about.

3) Plan!

Making sure you know what you’re saying and having a script ready really helps keep you focussed. This goes hand in hand with planning a larger content strategy. It really helps your brand stay focussed. Maybe there’s holidays coming up or relevant dates specific to your offering. Making content to fit in around these can help your community feel more connected to more likely to make that important purchase.

Upload a trailer to facebook or instagram.

4) Promote!

Maybe upload a short trailer to facebook or instagram. Create blog posts about why this video is important to your overall message. Each video your launching should feel like an event, something that your community is looking forward to so they are ready to hit that purchase button when you launch. If your using our service to create a course, maybe create a 30 second video exploring what they will be purchasing and how it benefits them! 


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