4 tips for Instagram Live

Make your socials work harder

More and more businesses are having to maximise their online impact. A lot of the time that means more platforms, more content and more PRESSURE. Instagram live must be the best example of this. Poorly managed content here can seem quite thrown together but, done correctly the impact can be massive.

For those of you who don’t know Instagram live is located in the stories functionality and has proved to be an enormous success. Brands use it to interact more effectively with their audience. Video has a huge impact in Instagram and gets 21% more interaction than posts with just images. This content can be produced fairly quickly and cheaply if you know what you’re doing, it’s so simple to produce great content!

Video gets 21% more interaction than images

There’s tons of benefits from using Live video such as it gets higher priority in news feeds this means that it’s a more effective way to promote your brand to communities you may not have even thought about reaching out to. The same can be said for stories too your live content gets promoted to the top of your followers’ story feeds giving you that extra push that your content needs.
If your followers have notifications turned on they will get a short message to let them know that you’ve gone live helping boost your viewing audience. With all these built in advantages Instagram live can help increase reach and to grow your brand without a lot of work from you. But, most importantly it keeps you community engaged. Talking directly to your audience is a great way to create a relationship with them and build trust that you know what you’re talking about. This gives them more confidence when purchasing your classes or products.

Heres 4 quick tips to get you started


Make sure all your equipment is working properly. Make sure your sound is right and comingthrough with no problems. You can record videos with your mobile device or you could use more advanced streaming software such as Open Broadcast Studio (OBS) and Yellowduck. This will enable you to use better sound recording devices and cameras and give your content a really professional feel. The final thing you want to be thinking about is if your internet connection is solid enough to stream content. You need to have at least a 8 meg upload connection to smoothly stream HD video. While this won’t be a problem for many of you it is something to be aware of after all nobody wants to be sat buffering while you’re uploading!

Add your personality to the content you're creating

What’s the purpose?

Every bit of content should be created with a purpose in mind! Whether it’s launching a new class or getting your community to know you a bit better, every video you go live with should have a clear goal. The more concise you can keep your content the better. Yes, add your personality to it but you should always have a list of points or a purpose to the content you’re creating. People won’t hang around long if you’re content if just you chatting on with no purpose.

Create an outline!

Whether you want to write a whole script or prefer to be a bit more spontaneous, you should have points that you want to be getting over to your audience. Even just create a bullet point list that you have by the camera. If you want to go fully scripted theres plenty of autocue software across a range of platforms. Our personal favourite is Tele Promter Pro Lite

Let your audience know!


There’s no point going live if your audience doesn’t know you’re doing it. It always feels better to see your number of viewers fly up when you go live. Let people know over your other socials and make sure you use hashtags to really make that content work for you. It’s also a great way to keep your community engaged!