4 tips for creating an instagram competition

Make your social media really work

Instagram has become a behemoth in the online marketing world. From starting as a photo sharing app it’s now some peoples go to social network. Instagram has done an amazing job adding easy ways so businesses can leverage their entire network to create new opportunities. From shoppable links to creative uses for stories it’s never been a better time to add Instagram to your marketing model. 

An Instagram contest is a great way to leverage your existing community. The goal here isn’t to get more followers but create more brand awareness and to engage your current followers. They are following you for a reason and offering a new way for them to interact with your brand can really help with engagement! There’s tons of great ways to do this whether you want to use UGC (User Generated Content) or just a simple like and share format, competitions can help supercharge your brand for very little cost.

A new way for customers to interact with your brand.

Before you get started though there’s a couple of things your need to know about. Make sure that your post conforms to the Instagram rules about competitions. This is very simple to do, make sure in your competition post and all posts linked to that competition you clearly state the rules, eligibility and terms of the promotion. You also have to make sure you include a line about that instagram doesn’t support or endorse your promotion in any way. Once you have these in place you’re ready to promote to your heart’s content!

Here’s our 4 tips to get you started

Pick your hashtag wisely

You need to track who’s entering and have an easy way to check how your competition is going. The best way to do this is to have a hashtag that everyone has to use to be entered. Now here’s the tricky but it should be something related to your brand and it should be as unique as possible. Finding a unique hashtag can be difficult but you could do something like having your business name and the date or year. Believe me, having a unique hashtag will make your life a lot easier

Having a unique hashtag will make your life a lot easier!

Choose your entry method

There are two basic methods you can use for making your competition viral number one is like / comment / tag this is by far the most simple to get your community to do an action on one of your posts and then tag another user. This has the two fold benefit of getting more interactions on your account and may increase growth in your followers. The second way is UGC (User Generated Content we mentioned this earlier… ). So you could create a competition where a customer has to take a selfie and nominate a friend to take one all linked with a unique hashtag. This is a great way to boost your community and give people a way to really interact with your brand!

Give away something special to your brand

People are following you for a reason whether you sell great products in your industry or hold great classes. People have become a follower of yours because they get something special out of your brand. Your competition should reflect that! Of course you would probably get more reach from running a Amazon voucher giveaway but what does that say about your brand. If you’re a yoga teacher maybe give away a yoga mat or if you make products maybe make a unique mini bundle that’s only available for the competition. Also, when you pick your winner don’t forget to ask them for a photo when they get their prize!

Nobody wants to see the same content over and over and over and over again

Make it short and sweet

Nobody wants to see the same content over and over and over and over again. Contests should be quick and easy ways to generate some noise around your brand. Maybe tease a competition before it goes live so your community is ready to go. But, the length of the contest should be fairly short. It should last around a week and over that time you should be giving updates on people who have entered especially if you’re using UGC. You should create a sense of urgency and excitement around your campaign so as many people as possible get involved!


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